• Beard Combo 10

Beard Combo 10

  • R999

1 x Hair Paste 100 ml

The Captains Beard Hair paste is a hair styling product and is a bit thicker in consistency than our pomade and hair

cream. Our hair paste gives a medium to firm hold and leaves your hair with a natural matte finish

1 x Hair Pomade

The Captains Beard Hair Pomade is a water base substance that is used to style hair and will give the hair a slick and

shinny appearance. It contains oils like castor, Argon, and Jojoba. The Benefits of our hair pomade will help you with

dandruff and dry scalp and also with hair growth that will leave your hair healthy and strong.

1 x Hair Style Cream 100 ml

The Captains Beard Hair Cream is soft and light substance that doesn't feel greasy or stiff when applied to hair, but still

act as a firm to low styling product. It controls static and fuzziness while adding a natural shine.

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