• Synergy 75cm Anti-Burst Exercise Ball

Synergy 75cm Anti-Burst Exercise Ball

  • R425

Our  Exercise Balls are professional grade Anti-Burst, and have a maximum user weight of 150kg. Our Exercise Balls are made from stronger materials which prevent them from popping or slipping. 
Why not add a Ball Pump or an Exercise Ball Stacker to vertically stack your exercise balls and save floor space.
  • Tone & sculpt your shoulders, arms, thighs & abs
  • Improve core strength, agility and balance
  • Totally impact-free for joint safety
  • Designed for all skill levels
Ball Diameter : User Height
          45cm : less than 154cm
          55cm : 155-169cm 
          65cm : 170-185cm
          75cm : 186-200cm
          85cm : 201cm & above

NB* How to inflate an exercise ball:
Blow it up until its rock hard (preferably with a petrol station air pump), let it stretch (it needs to stretch!) and then blow up again until you get to recommended size. This may take a few days.

There are some possibilities to cause the ball burst:
1) Load weight more than 150kg
2) Ball is inflated too big (much more than its specified size)
3) Ball too old, more than one year usage

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