• Beard Combo 4

Beard Combo 4

  • R729

1 x Beard Wash 200 ml

You cannot use normal shampoo and conditioner on your face the PH level is much to low. It will dry out your face and

beard leave it dry and hard. It will affect the growth of your beard and leave you with split ends. That is why the The

Captains Beard specialize in a beard wash and conditioner that will clean your beard, make it soft and also help with


1 x Original Beard Oil 30 ml

The Captains Beard Beard Oil moisturizes the beard and skin underneath. Our Beard oil consist of Argon, Grape

seed, Jojoba and Vitamin E oil. Our Beard oil will make your beard look thicker, stronger, softer and healthier. And for a

bonus have a cologne smell to it.

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